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Posted on 20/08/2020

12 Types of Garbage Bins And Their Importance

In any business, tidiness is a primacy to keep your customers, guests, and staff happy and comfortable. Choosing the right garbage bins or trash cans for your affirmation is exigent so that you can maintain high-level tidiness.

Garbage bins come in different shapes, capacities, and sizes, for the specifics of your environment, use cases, and design. However, those can also vary in their materials, more detailed functionality, and general structure.
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In order to match the unique specification of your business, there are various types of garbage bins that you should take into consideration before making the best purchase for your business. 

We have a large variety of bins to suit every application: from external garbage to indoor pedal bins and galvanized bins. Our bins come in different shapes and sizes to suit offices, workshops, hospitals, factories, and Australian homes. 

Garbage Bin and Trash Can Purchasing Considerations

When choosing a trash can or garbage bin, pay close attention to the size, shape, and material. At first sight, trash cans and garbage bins may look like any other vessel, but if you don’t look closely at some specific qualities of your containers, then you can simply choose the one that doesn’t satisfy you at all. Selecting the wrong garbage bin or trash can simply turn your purchase into a waste of money as it may not work in the area you wanted it to. 

As there are several factors affecting your final decision on garbage bin purchase, we have created a list of key aspects you should be attentive towards before making a purchase. So, take a paper and a pen and let’s check them one by one together.
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Material for the Garbage Bin

 Trash cans are either made of metal, concrete, or plastic. 

Metal includes steel, aluminum cans, and stainless steel. Plastic jugs include materials like polyethylene and resin.

Garbage Bin Shape and Size

 How much did you think before selecting the trash cans for your home? If you’re like most people, then you probably thought about it for a few seconds. For a household object that is very important to keep your home tidy and neat. One of the critical aspects of choosing the right garbage bin for your office, hotel, or working environment is, of course, its size.
When it comes to garbage bins, size matters, a large bin will take up a lot of floor space in a room and have more volume than you need. On the other hand, a trash can that is too small can end up overflowing very fast, and you will need to empty it regularly. Generally, with garbage cans and trash, the capacity or size is defined by its maximum capacity.
The shape of your garbage bin depends on what capacity and how you will use it. Oval or rounded cans are better for remaining in an open area, while boxes with flat edges can be pushed against a wall. The shape can also match the style of your venue or be used to add visual appeal. 

There are no assigned uses for garbage bins based on their size. But there are some essential aspects you would take into consideration when doing so.
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Let’s check some of them together. 

  • Choose your size based on what you need it for.
    For example, a paper garbage bin fills slower than a glass garbage bin.
  • Looking at the garbage bins’ capacity can be immersed, especially when using both gallon and liter measurements.
  • The indoor use of step-on trash cans usually does not exceed 40 gallons because the type of waste in an office or bathroom typically doesn’t occupy a large part of the room.
  • To remain unseen, decorative cans and space-saving bins are meant to blend in, which means keeping the size small so that they are less noticeable.
  • However, there are some exceptions! If you are looking for more giant decorative garbage cans for your place, you can find the one that will satisfy your needs.
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    Measure the capacity you need by the number of people using the garbage bins, the placement of the containers, and of course, the amount of foot traffic the users may get in.

 The shape of your garbage bin depends on what capacity and how you will use it. Oval or rounded cans are better for remaining in an open area, while boxes with flat edges can be pushed against a wall. The shape can also match the style of your venue or be used to add visual appeal.

12 Types of Garbage Bins

Waste containers are there to keep our garbage plain, simple, and in one place. However, if you nod your head to this fact and move on, get ready to get your mind changed and learn why the right garbage bins matter so much.

Disposable Garbage Bins

These bins are perfect for your outdoor events! The containers are low cost and allowing you to place as many vessels as you need throughout the place. The disposable bins are very easy to clean up. If you’re worried about the waste, they don’t because the majority of these bins are made with recycled materials, making them the right choice for the environmentally conscious.

Commercial Garbage Bins

 These cans are ideal for significant events or industrial settings where there are meant to be large pieces of trash, a large amount of waste, or even both. Commercial garbage bins are also great for collecting large amounts of paper, bottles, or cans in public areas like schools or arenas.

Outdoor Garbage Bins

 These types are made of heavy-duty plastic that last in any kind of weather and boasting tight tops, these bins are great for keeping your outdoor venues clean. The majority of these bins have a flap or a hood to keep the elements out. Some of those even have weights or anchors that prevent them from being stolen or blown away! 

Space Saving Garbage Bins

 Coming in corner designs, half-round or wall hugger, these are great for areas that don’t have much space, like a busy lobby or a crowded kitchen. The flat side of the bin can be pushed against a wall. They also have less than 28-gallon capacity. 

Decorative Garbage Bins

These bins come in various colours and styles to blend into your place for invisible waste management. You can choose between outdoor and indoor, and whether you want a decorative trash can or a decorative recycling bin.
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Medical Garbage Bins

 These are step-on cans with a metal construction with less than 40 gallons, that are safe and approved to use in medical facilities.

Wheelie Bin for business

Usually, with two wheels, these wheelie bins help your maintenance or janitorial staff transport large loads of trash or several bags across your property without breaking their spines. We now offer a wide variety of colored wheelie bins in 120L and 240L capacities.

They are made in Australia from UV stabilised HDPE material to endure harsh conditions and certified to AS4123. Custom color combinations are also available upon request for bulk purchases. 

Countertop Garbage Bins

These are small bins that are typically made of metal and comfortably on a table or a counter for little waste like empty sugar packets and straw wrappers.

Ash Garbage Bins

Ideal for external use to efficiently collect cigarette waste. These bins come either with a larger compartment or stand-alone for regular trash as well.

Multi-Stream Garbage Bins

Great for keeping multi-stream, recyclables organised, can provide at least two separate containers and multiple openings to sort recyclables efficiently.

Curbside Garbage Bins

You can use these to contain a large number of recyclables quickly, and due to its short height, it is excellent for leaving at the curb for recyclables pickup without being blown over by the wind.

Garbage Bags

Our garbage bags are leak-proof, have a pleasant and fresh fragrance, are built-in antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and they are also available in small and medium standard shape liners. 

When it comes to the most cost-effective and easiest way to deal with waste from your construction, renovation, or landscaping projects, having a garbage bin makes the most sense. Does not matter how much waste you need to remove or what size project you have, there is always a bin that will work for you. You can be sure that whatever you want to throw away, we have the right bin out there that is up to the job. 

Check out the details on our website and hurry up to buy your garbage bin online!

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