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Posted on 20/08/2021

Top 6 Hygiene Tips Hotels Should Consider To Safeguard Their Future

We can all agree on one thing: the Covid-19 sanitary crisis has had a massive and unanticipated impact on all of our lives. 

The hospitality, travel, and tourism industries have been heavily affected, but the societal impact cannot be overlooked. Consumer behaviour, and ultimately consumer spending, has been and will continue to change, and business planning must adapt to these new realities.

We think about whether or not these changes will be permanent. Regardless of the eventual conclusion, hospitality businesses that are ready to contemplate alternative scenarios and rethink their processes regarding their hotel hygiene standards will be better prepared for the “New Future”.

Let’s check some important insights on hygiene tips and tricks on how to improve your hospitality business alongside following the restrictions of Covid-19. 

How can your hotel improve its cleanliness?

Air Purification and Air Quality

People are beginning to question the quality of indoor air as they become more aware of viral transmission through the air (IAQ). Germs in the air can cause allergies and spread infection and sickness. Understanding and eliminating common indoor contaminants can help to alleviate indoor health issues.
Hospeco has a large selection of air fresheners that are specifically developed to improve the image and hygiene of your hotel.

Proper Hand Hygiene For Guests and Employees

Germs and pathogens can quickly move throughout a hotel — from person to person, from surface to surface, and even in the air. Hands that come into contact with infected surfaces during the day might spread germs to other surfaces or directly to humans.

The risk of germ transmission is reduced by using a variety of hand-sanitizing technologies that include no-touch technology. As we are highly aware of the importance of hygiene in the hotel industry, Hospeco offers a variety of cutting-edge hand hygiene products that may be of great help when it comes to hotel hygiene. 

When it comes to hotel hygiene standards, keep in mind that hand and surface sanitisers placed strategically throughout the hotel will help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination among hotel amenity users. 

Reception Hygiene 


The entrance to a hotel is one of the most visible and essential spaces, and it is crucial in making a good first impression. A guest expects a level of elegance and quality that is consistent with your brand from the moment they come through the door. To do this, we recommend considering these suggestions:

  • Introduce unique scents to create an ideal and signature  atmosphere for your hotel to stand out and give a memorable experience while elevating your brand, emphasizing the importance of hygiene in the hotel industry.
  • Quality floor cleaning strengthens your business image and demonstrates to your guests a higher level of thought and care.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule with a focus on high-traffic areas, as hygiene is one of the most critical considerations when making a hotel recommendation.

Guest Bedroom Hygiene

Hygiene refers to more than just keeping things clean on the surface. Clean what you can see, but also think about what you can’t see — germs can rapidly spread from the bathroom to the remainder of the hotel, putting visitors’ health in danger.

  • Ascertain that the cleaning staff is aware of the dangers of cross-contamination. When cleaning the toilet, gloves should be discarded and replaced before coming into contact with any other surface or object.
  • To prevent the transmission of bacteria, high-use devices such as remote controls, light switches, drinking glasses, and headboards should be well cleaned.

Washroom Hygiene

When it comes to washroom hygiene and sanitation in the hotel industry, it’s impossible to overestimate the value of a good restroom experience. A positive washroom experience can improve a hotel guest’s view of the company, the quality of service it provides, and the level of hygiene it provides.

  • Ensure that suitable facilities for hand washing and drying, as well as sanitary waste disposal, are available. No-touch hand dryers help to prevent germ transmission by reducing contact, so consider those in your washroom. 
  • Install air fresheners or air purifiers to keep the restroom smelling fresh as an integral part of your hotel hygiene supplies.

Hygiene in Kitchen and Dining Areas

If basic hygiene standards are not implemented, cross-contamination and the spread of pathogens in kitchens can easily occur.

  • To prevent germs from spreading from hands to food and surfaces, educate employees on proper handwashing methods and glove usage standards.
  • Assemble enough handwashing facilities, including soap, paper towels, and trash cans as your essential hotel hygiene supplies. Germs will be less likely to spread if no-touch methods are used.
  • Disinfect work surfaces on a regular basis to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Keep in mind that in order to have a high level of hygiene and sanitation in the hotel industry, handwashing compliance can be improved with handwashing monitoring software, which ensures that your employees are washing their hands according to protocol.

We recognize how critical it is to safeguard your employees and visitors from the dangers of improper hygiene. As a result, we offer high-quality, cost-effective hygiene solutions to ensure that your customers and staff have a positive and safe experience. We offer top quality hygiene products and hotel hygiene supplies in Australia, including products for personal hygiene usage, wet wipes, sanitary and diaper bins, commercial toilet paper, and more. 

Please get in touch with Hospeco right away for further information and to collaborate.

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