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Posted on 10/06/2020

How To Choose The Right Soap Dispenser

Are you tired of the old traditional soaps, especially with their inconvenient and anti hygienic use in public spaces, shops, restaurants, and more?
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It’s time to choose more convenient and affordable alternative soap dispensers. When it comes to personal hygiene, soap dispensers play a huge role in providing us a safer use. Especially when we consider hygiene in bars, restaurants, and public restrooms, soap dispensers are an obvious winner over traditional soaps.  The same applies to your home when you want to create and maintain healthy habits. While it might seem that it’s easy to choose the right soap dispenser, in reality, there are several important components worth considering when choosing the final product. Let’s shortly review the most important ones.

Liquid vs. foaming soap dispensers

You can choose between foam dispensers or liquid ones. The main difference between those two is the form in which those are produced. As the name suggests the liquid soap dispensers produce soap in liquid form while foaming ones mix air with soap to make it a soap lather. Mostly it’s simply a matter of personal choice and preference of which type you can use.

Manual vs. automatic soap dispensers

While an automatic soap dispenser can cost a little more to install than the manual one, it can still also provide a more convenient experience to your customers. Users can easily place their hands underneath the dispenser close to the sensor and without touching any surface that can spread bacteria and viruses, use the soap. Considering this fact, automatic soap dispensers can be ideal for high traffic areas, like hospitals, medical environments, or food providing facilities.
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At the same time, manual dispensers don’t require batteries to install and generally, users can use more soap if needed.
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The final decision on which one to purchase in this case will matter of the location and some specifics of the use.
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One of the most important aspects to consider when buying a soap dispenser is its capacity. You should always make sure that the dispenser has adequate capacity for use. The size of the capacity will usually be identified by the number of your family members of the average number of users in a building. Obviously, if there are a lot of people using the soap you should make sure to purchase a bigger dispenser. The ideal soap dispenser should be able to be held at least a week.
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Especially when purchasing a soap dispenser for a house you should take into consideration the use of it by children, the elderly, and other family members. In other words you should be attentive towards its convenience of use. It should not only be easy to use but also easy to place in the kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else.

The designs play an important part as well. If for example, you are purchasing a dispenser for your ids you can make sure to have different colors and bright designs on the dispenser. The design and a good match of the dispenser with your interior design can help create outstanding hygiene habits that will benefit all of the family members.

Concluding thoughts

If you truly care about your healthy hygiene habits you should make an intelligent purchase of a great soap dispenser. Fortunately, when it comes to affordable and high utility dispensers in Australia Hospeco is a great help. We offer everything from liquid soap dispensers to the best hand sanitisers in the area, that will help you to protect you from various bacteria and viruses.

If you want to purchase a liquid soap dispenser, hand sanitizers, or any other essential product for your hygiene make sure to contact us now!

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