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Posted on 22/04/2021

How to Choose the Right Commercial Toilet Paper For Your Facilities

It’s just a matter of devoting several minutes to research the main types and specifications on washroom products with their cost-saving possibilities, durabilities, maintenance requirements, designs, and of course user satisfaction to level up your business’s image in the eyes of your customers.

In this aspect, one of the primary things to consider for e proper washroom hygiene of your facilities is obviously the choice of commercial toilet paper.

While you might think that choosing the right commercial toilet paper comes with no complications, there are actually plenty of details to consider when it comes to the hygiene of your office, like the capacity, material, pricing, and more.
Let’s review all the details together.

toilet paper to choose


One of the primary considerations when choosing toilet paper dispensers, commercial toilet rolls, tissue paper roll dispensers, and other similar products is capacity. You have to identify the facility if it will be used in whether it is a high traffic department store bathroom or a small washroom in your office.

You should keep in mind though that if dispensers do not hold enough toilet paper rolls, there will be a shortage of those which on its turn will cause a need for constant and deep cleaning of the washroom.

Our wide range of best commercial toilet papers and dispensers gives you a lot of options depending on the specifications of your facility.


Another important aspect to consider when choosing toilet paper dispensers and the best industrial toilet papers is its primary material. When it comes to dispensers specifically many facility managers prefer comparably priced but high-quality stainless steel types of dispensers that will ensure their good look, durability, and long-lasting use. The final choice rather depends on personal preference. In any case, the good quality of a toilet paper dispenser is always a plus.

Cost Considerations

commercial toilet paper

Outfitting restrooms can be a very expensive process, especially when it comes to locations large enough to have more than one each for men and women. For this reason, the cost of the product can definitely be an important consideration when browsing through various types of commercial toilet tissue dispensers.

Aesthetic Considerations

Visually, the type of fixture used in a restroom of a gas station will not be appropriate to use in a hotel lobby. Hence, the style of toilet paper products plays an important role in how your customers perceive your brand and business.

Plus, the functionality of the room and its details are a part of the general design and environment.

Hence, every detail should reflect the specific certain style of the building to keep the high-level experience and image of your company.

The washrooms of your facility tell a lot about your company’s image to all of your customers, staff members, and visitors. At the same time, every small detail in the washroom starting from centrefield toilet rolls, to industrial toilet paper roll, to even enclosed toilet roll holders plays a huge role in keeping the high functionality, comfortability, and stylish approach of your washrooms.

Make sure to consider the cost, material, aesthetics, and capacity of the toilet paper dispensers and related products before making a purchase.
Meanwhile, also check our wide range of washroom products and make your purchases today!

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