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Posted on 22/04/2021

How Positively Hygiene Impacts Hospitality and Hotels

It’s no secret that the pandemic and subsequent lockdown had a major impact on our lives. It impacted almost all sectors in some way, with the hospitality industry having disproportionately large effects.

Because of the pandemic, customers are more educated, aware, and vocal than ever before about their hygiene standards and the health consequences of bad hygiene. Because of this consciousness, as well as the availability of online travel reviews and the number of rating sites, there’s no doubt that hygiene standards have an enormous effect on the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, consumers who have had a good experience with a hotel are more likely to make additional purchases or return for a second stay. Plus, based on their positive experience, the majority of them would recommend it to their families and friends.
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In the world of hospitality, meeting and exceeding guest needs is a victory and a crucial step toward gaining their loyalty is having good hygiene standards implemented.

Hence let’s review more details about hygiene practices and solutions in hotels and the ways those can impact your specific business.

hotel hygiene

The Importance of Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a vital component for guest satisfaction. Various studies prove this. More than 60% of hotel guests read reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, AAA, and other sites before booking rooms, according to a recent survey by a hotel booking platform.
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Moreover, according to the same study, 71% of guests are looking for “above average” cleanliness ratings when it comes to selecting a hotel for stay.

Customer satisfaction is influenced by the cleanliness of guest rooms, toilets, towels, linens, and common areas. A spotless hotel room always makes an excellent first impression contributing to customer satisfaction.

Tip from Hospeco: Build a checklist and tasks in order of logical importance, taking into account the layout, room size, and objects, to ensure that each area and object is properly cleaned.

Key areas for hygiene

Clean and hygienic services, communal areas, and washrooms are among the most significant factors when it comes to making a hotel recommendation to friends, family, or colleagues.


Because hygiene is one of the most important considerations when recommending a hotel, you have to be attentive towards ensuring a daily cleaning schedule with a focus on high traffic areas in your hotel.
Make sure to provide hand sanitisers in strategic areas. Keep in mind that proper floor care keeps dirt and water out of the building. Invest in it to improve your brand’s reputation while also showing your guests that you care about them.


bathroom hygiene
  • Make sure that adequate facilities are in place when it comes to washing and drying hands and sanitary waste disposals.
  • Implement no-touch solutions in your hotel to help you minimise contact and reduce the transition of any germs
  • Make sure to provide proper toilet seat cleaners to limit the spread of germs
  • To maintain a pleasant smelling washroom make sure to install air fresheners and air purifiers around your hotel in key areas.

Check out our wide range of air fresheners to find the perfect match for your hotel!

Guest Bedrooms

When it comes to proper hygiene solutions for your hotel’s guest bedrooms make sure your cleaning staff are aware of the associated risks of cross-contamination. Keep in mind that when cleaning the toilet, gloves should be discarded and replaced before coming into contact with any other surface or item.
To prevent the spread of bacteria, make sure to thoroughly wash high-usage products such as remote controls, light switches, drinking glasses, and headboards.

General Tips From Hospeco:

  • Ascertain that the workers are familiar with the correct use of masks and gloves, as well as the hotel’s hygiene policy. Make sure to create educational material and seminars.
  • Ultraviolet light technology can be used to sanitise guest keys and employee-shared devices like phones, and tablets, for instance.
  • Install ‘’hygiene stations” at each entrance to your hotel, as well as when entering the restaurant, gym, or bathroom.

Surface hygiene

Keep in mind to look for ways to allow guests to avoid touching surfaces and staff members, specifically in receptions. For instance, check-in, access their space, make a special request, or order room service simply by using a phone or a tablet.

Hand hygiene

When it comes to hand hygiene remember that disinfection stations should be placed near the entrances and in high-traffic areas of the hotel. For effective results make sure to include important items such as guidance on how to properly clean your hands, your hotel’s hygiene policy, disinfectants, hand wipes, and other items in such hygiene stations.
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Not sure where to find innovative hand hygiene solutions that will assist your company to avoid cross-contamination and create a healthy hygiene culture?
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Air care

Making sure your hotel has a pleasant smell can be the key to going ahead of the competition, especially if you are targeting a specific image with your brand. More and more companies are starting to value the importance of fragrance marketing, especially in the hospitality industry.
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If you want to improve the health and safety of both your staff and customers Hospeco is happy to provide exceptional air care solutions! Browse further on our website to learn more about our products. Feel free to contact us for details!

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