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Posted on 09/03/2022

Creating a Personal Hygiene Routine: Tips and Benefits

You know that proper personal hygiene habits are necessary for maintaining your health and feeling good. Brushing your teeth, cleaning your hands, bathing, and so on are all important aspects of personal hygiene. You are exposed to millions of germs and viruses every day, which can stay on your body for a long time and make you sick. As a result, good personal hygiene can help you avoid infections and stay healthy. Today, we’ll speak about tips and benefits of creating a personal hygiene routine. Let’s begin!

Tips For Creating A Personal Hygiene Routine

When you want to create a personal hygiene routine, you need to know specific types of hygiene that you must follow: 

  • Hand Hygiene — As you know, hands hygiene is one of the most important habits that everyone should follow. It reduces the number of people who become ill from diarrhea by 23-40% and from respiratory illnesses by 16-21%. In the past, many people became ill because of not washing their hands. You need to wash your hands properly, following all the necessary steps for a minimum of 20 seconds. So, always wash your hands before cooking, treating wounds, eating and after going to the toilet, cleaning liquids, touching people who are sick, treating cuts, touching dirty places, playing with pets, sneezing, coughing, etc. 

Keep your nails short and tidy by trimming them regularly. To remove dirt, buildup, and bacteria, use a nail brush or a towel to clean under them. Clean your nails to prevent germs and bacteria from appearing in your mouth.  

  • Body Hygiene — Taking a regular bath or shower with soap and warm water can help avoid a variety of illnesses and diseases, as it wipes away dirt and germs that cause body odour and many diseases. When your sweat comes into contact with microorganisms on the surface of your skin, it produces an unpleasant odour. So, washing your body is the key to proper hygiene, including feet, underarms, face, belly, etc. You need to wash your face every day and pay special attention to the areas around your eyes and ears. Keeping your clothes clean is another aspect of maintaining your body’s hygiene.
  • Hair Hygiene — To reduce oil accumulation and remove dead skin cells or dirt, you need to follow proper hair hygiene which means shampoo, and wash it frequently, like twice weekly. 
  • Oral Hygiene — Our mouth is a great place for bacteria to thrive. We eat and drink with our mouth where food particles build up and stick to our gums and teeth. You need to brush your teeth two times a day and floss daily. These practices can prevent tooth decay and bad odour from the mouth. To avoid emitting a bad breath from your mouth, remove the white coating on the surface of your tongue by scraping it. 

If you’re sick, you should take precautions to avoid transferring germs to others. You need to cover your mouth and nose when coughing, sneezing, and clean the surfaces that you touch with antibacterial wipes. And throw away any tissues that you’ve used before. 

After knowing about the different types of hygiene, you can understand how you should take care of your personal hygiene. Follow these hygiene tips to create a personal hygiene routine:

  • Make a list of reminders — Set a reminder on your phone if you forget to shower, brush teeth, clip your nails, etc. These notes can help you keep track of your tasks.
  • Practice — To adopt a new habit, you need to make it a priority. Your week can begin with that hygiene step in your routine and then you can practice it for two weeks to make a habit. Once you feel comfortable with that one, you can add new habits. 
  • Use charts — If you want to teach your kids to follow hygiene, buy a chart with interactive visuals to encourage your kid to maintain personal hygiene practices. 

Benefits of a Personal Hygiene

Now it’s time to understand how you’ll benefit from following personal hygiene:

  • Maintain Health — As we have discussed above, following hygiene can help you prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and maintain your and your family’s health.  
  • Provides Social Benefits — Maintaining appropriate hygiene keeps you healthy and allows you to be welcomed by others. If there is a bad odour coming from you and you don’t follow a simple hygiene routine, you may end up isolated and alone.  
  • Become More Confident — Many people’s self-esteem and confidence come from their appearance. Healthy teeth, pleasant body scent, clean hair, short and clean nails reflect how you appreciate hygiene and make you even more attractive. People will love your company when you make a good impression. You will improve your self-esteem, knowing that your body, ears, hair are clean. 

Now, you know that hygiene can help you avoid germs, bacteria, and dirt. Double-check these tips, create a personal hygiene routine, and stay healthy! And whenever you need special products to help you keep your surroundings clean, disinfected, and sanitized, opt for Hospeco!

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